We create music inspired by nature itself. We have a background of formal college education as a violinist and guitar player and also some knowledge in sound engineering. We were always interested in the electronic trance progressive music but since the moment we met we became passionate about creating peaceful inspiring ambient music that can perfectly accompany the walk in nature.

Our music is a compilation of uplifting background music with a touch of live musical instruments that creates an inspiring and happy atmosphere. It is inspired by nature and the peace you find by walking in nature. Some of the compositions are more dynamic and cheerful, some are more meditative and slow. By listening to this music you will experience the range of different emotions like inspiration, fun, joy, happiness, motivation, relaxation, excitement. Whether you’re in a dreamy reflective mood, looking for some peace and meditation or want some inspiring energetic music you will find something for every situation. The main musical instruments involved in the music are guitar, piano and violin with several ethnic instruments as well.

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Also our music is available for listening on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon. So if you enjoy listening light inspirational music tracks feel free to join us on these platforms. Hope to see you there!

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