Our Story

We are Angelina and Dima – a couple from Ukraine who once fell in love with mountains and couldn’t get back. So we decided to follow our heart and move from a big city to a small village to be able to do what we love and to document this journey. We are passionate walking couple who love hiking, backpacking and camping. We create videos, photos and music.

One of our main goals is to encourage you to choose walking whenever you can and see how it may change your life. Find the beauty and peace in these experiences and see the positive changes. It is all about the healthy lifestyle and feeling connection to nature and its inhabitants. It’s not about distance, it’s about how you make it and what you see. Walking is an excellent activity that has so many benefits to your health and requires no special equipment or practice. So we really want to inspire you to get out walking and exploring and start your own exciting adventure!

Also our dream is to create the community of like-minded people from different parts of the world who share the same values and somehow similar to us. So that everybody can communicate with each other, sharing the knowledge or asking for help. It would be the beautiful thing to see.

We offer the detailed information of our hikes and trails, including the map and all the directions, so that you can repeat it if you want.

We speak English, Spanish, French and Russian languages.

Angelina is an English language teacher and Dima is a musician and sound engineer. Since the moment we met in 2013 we started thinking about some job that we could do together. We both new that we wanted it to be something creative and something that allowed us to travel, hike and explore different places.

So it all started with photography. We bought a new DSLR camera and were excited to learn about this whole new art for us. This was a perfect combination of what we loved – the technical part and the artistic part. We knew that it is a start of a big journey.

Then after a year of doing it we decided to go further and start shooting videos. During that period we visited some amazing natural places, met animals in the wild and we were eager to share them with the world not only by photos but by videos as well. In 2017 it was a crucial moment in our lives when we left the big city Barcelona and moved to a small village in the Spanish Pyrenees.

We didn’t know anything about hiking or camping but knew that we need some equipment to get started. So we went to the biggest sports goods store, spent all the reserve money and bought everything that we thought we were going to need. It was a completely new milestone in our lives and everything went on from there…

We moved to a beautiful village Llivia in the Spanish Cerdanya and it was a great place to get us started in hiking and camping. At that time we created our own Youtube channel -Walking Nature World to be able to share our journey with the world. And so we explored nearly all the trails around the area and were learning so many things about nature, ourselves, and of course getting better at doing photos and videos.

Then almost after a year of hiking and backpacking, in September 2018, we felt like we were ready to go for a challenge and do our first thru-hike – Camino de Santiago. We knew about this hike a lont time ago but to be honest were quite skeptical about it because of its popularity and advertisement and we didn’t like much the idea of sleeping in albergues. But we managed to do it in our own way when we stayed in the tent every day and it allowed us to have a lot of freedom to discover the most scenic locations. The Northern Way of Camino is beautiful and now we know it for sure.

Our upcoming hiking plans are to explore the French and Italian Alps, do a hiking tour in Picos de Europa and travel to Portugal in search for the beautiful coastline trails. For now we are hiking around Europe but there’s lots of countries and places we would love to visit. So there’s more to come!

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