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Final Day of Great Mediterranean Coast Hike The Best Cami de Ronda and Beach Walk | Tossa de Mar to Lloret de Mar GR 92-Day 16

For our final Day 16 on the Great Mediterranean Coast Hike GR 92 we were to do 17 kms from Tossa de Mar to Lloret de Mar. And looking at the elevation map we saw that the trail went up and down quite a bit winding along the seacoast but sometimes going away from it. There will be some cliffs and hard to get through areas but not as mountainous as the previous day. And we still hoped to get more sea views than the day before. We felt a bit sore in the body after yesterday’s mountainous part as our body seemed to forget mountainous terrain after so many flat parts that we did on this trail.

The beginning of the day was partly cloudy as we were getting out of the town Tossa de Mar through the narrow streets of the old town to the beach. On the way we spotted a beautiful checked roof of the church. We hoped that at least at the start we won’t have a direct sun shining down on us.

Soon we got to the Tossa de Mar beach with few people on it. It had the wonderful view on the Muralles de Tossa de Mar – an old fortified castle which was partly conserved in a good condition especially the wall around it and several towers. We saw many people climbing up the stairs which were probably the touristic groups doing the excursion to the site.

We had to conquer many stairs from the start climbing up the steep uphill and getting out to the viewpoint. At the top there were several benches and a nice flat spot to enjoy the views of the Tossa de Mar town from above. The sea was very calm like a glass surface and looked very idyllic. We could see the fortified site also with its sandy rocky walls peeking through the green forest on the side of the hill of Pine and Cork trees.

Then our path was going along the hill quite flat for some time through the forest. Then we decided to get down to the Cala Llevado to check out the beaches and seacoast views. The downhill to it was quite steep and at first we entered the Camping Cala Llevado that was located on the side of the hill in the forest and had many nice spots to camp. We felt a bit sorry that we couldn’t get to it yesterday as it was quite a bit further down the trail.

We wondered why some campgrounds were open and some were closed in the same season and how they did decide whether to remain open or to close. It was a mystery to us because in our opinion, there were still enough people in October to occupy the campground and the weather was fine also.

This Cala Llevado corner was quite scenic with a lot of green forest coming down to the very edge of the cliffs and had 4 or 5 beautiful white beaches consisting of small rocks. Cormorants were feeling very much at ease and relaxed drying out their feathers and having a break on the rocks.

When we got down to the beach Platja Santa Maria de Llorell the sea was still quite calm and attractive. We got to walk on sand for some time hoping to find a way around the cliffs going close to the sea line. Fortunately the sand was quite wet and not too hard to walk on. The water was again of an amazing turquoise color contrasting with the very light color of the rocky cliffs and in combination with the empty beaches it looked as if we landed on some desert island. We passed through several stairs and caves but finally faced the side of the cliff with no signs of any path going there.

So having no other option we began climbing up the streets of this place to get back to the official GR92 track. The sun was still covered by several clouds but as the day was coming to noon, we felt the heat getting on us.

After a steep uphill, we went out on the forest path that went on the level more or less flat. There we met some unknown orange fruit growing along the path and had a little break at the side of the route.

Soon we crossed the next village Canyelles and getting through the streets went straight to the beach that was very wide and big. There we saw a big cruise ship passing on the horizon, we wondered what its direction, and track was.

Then we had to climb up the hill again and get back to the streets. That part was quite boring and tiring, as we had to do lots of pavement walking getting through the private houses. And we were very happy to cross the Cami de Ronda again and get back to it as it meant walking close to the seaside.

And it was definitely the best part of the whole trail that day as the path was going along the coast for the last several kilometers. Most of it was a gravel path waving along the cliff on one side and having a low rocky border on the other. It was already midday and we met very few people on it. It had many turns but was mostly going quite flat. Only at the final part, we got some stairs to take down. We enjoyed this part a lot and admired many natural panoramic and scenic landscapes on it, having many great viewpoints. We had our quick lunch break at one of the viewpoints. The water was so clear, calm and transparent that it was very tempting to get into it.

After some time Lloret de Mar town appeared in sight and its small rocky castle Castell d’en Plaja looking as if it was taken from a fairytale. Then we came out to the seafront of the Lloret de Mar and decided to stretch a bit further along the coast getting to the Playa de Fenals and Cala Boadella on the other side of the cliff. These were nice white beaches of a decent size with quite a bit of people on such a warm sunny day on them. The trail was going up and down climbing the stairs and at the end we came out to the other viewpoint of Lloret de Mar from where we could appreciate the coastline of the town.

Then we got to the campground of Lloret closer to the evening and it was our final destination of all of the hike. The GR92 continues further going through Catalunya until the Deltebre region but to us the rest part was less interesting as it was going through many pavement and cities. The part we did was an amazing hike to us with lots of great memories to make. And we can recommend doing this hike to everyone with all our heart if you love the sea views and sea air and overall getting the Catalonian Coast experience. Our full impressions, tips and tricks about the GR92 Great Mediterranean Hike as we called it we are going to share in the separate article.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:


  • Geraldine O'Sullivan Streuli

    Hello I really enjoyed following your treck.I am hoping to return to Costa Brava and walk for 8days.
    As a woman walking alone I would prefer not to camp but to stay in hotels or B&B .
    I have walked sections of the GR92 4 years ago and would welcome your suggestions on which part to walk .
    If you ever visit La Gomera let me know as I live there from November until March.

    • walkingnatureworld

      Hello, Geraldine, it is very kind of you, thank you. We loved doing the whole trail and some parts that we can recommend are from Argeles sur Mer to Cadaques that we did in the beginning in 2018. And then our favorites were the parts from L’escala to Estartit, then Tamariu to Sant Feliu de Guixols, Toses de Mar-Lloret de Mar. We have never visited Canary islands but would love to in the near future.

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