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Great Mediterranean Coast Hike – Day 2 | Anse de Paulilles, Banyuls-sur-Mer

After an exhausting first day we slept very well and we woke up at a sunrise to an incredibly beautiful scenery of the little bay, swaying yacht and calm sea waters. The atmosphere was very peaceful. And in these moments you realize that nothing can compare with the wild camping spots, they are always special and memorable.

That day we took it slow and with no hurry we had the substantial breakfast (luckily we had the leftover veggies from yesterday), got everything packed and finally started walking.

Our plan for the day was to make no more than 7 km until our camping site in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

First we walked along several beaches at the seaside, passed through some bunkers left from the World War II and got to the place “Anse de Paulilles”.

It looked like a public park but actually in the past this territory occupied an old dynamite factory that now is open for the visitors as well as the museum of traditional Catalan boats. Overall the whole area around the French-Spanish border has a lot of installations left from the World War II, that is part of the history but kind of sad to see in these beautiful places.

After we came out of the park the path continued going along the flowery cliffs and we got to see lots of stunning views, so we enjoyed this part a lot.

Finally we were getting close to the city Banyuls-sur-Mer and we were rushing to find some supermarkets open to buy some food, that unfortunately were closed after 14pm because it was Sunday. So keep that in mind that Sundays in most of the area are short days in the majority of the shops.

Then we got to our camping site “Camping municipal La Pine” and found a nice cosy place to camp. This camping is situated at the outskirts of the city and part of it is in the real forest areas(with no electricity though and available only for tents), which we liked a lot, we could hear the birds singing and all the forest sounds.

Fortunately we were able to buy some food at the only shop that was opened in the evening. The rest of the day we were chilling out, eating and relaxing. So we had a really good rest and the new day was waiting for us…

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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