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We got kicked out of the camping! | First day of Camino del Norte

Our first official day started at 9 am when we were woken up by the people and cars moving around in the camping that we found the night before. We slept only for 5 hours, still tired from the yesterday nightmare, but we had nothing to do but start walking and walk at least several kms. Because even though we didn’t have a plan to rush we still wanted to be moving everyday and getting closer to our goal.

So we got up and tried to pack everything up very quick and went to find a place to cook breakfast and eat it. Finally it was time to eat something for us! Cause yesterday we didn’t have time nor powers to make it happen.

So we started walking and saw the ocean for the first time cause yesterday night we just heard it and it was even scary for us being dark and noisy. It was a beautiful moment and it’s obviously very hard to evaluate it’s extents and measures but we could feel that it was different, different from any sea that we’ve ever seen before. You could tell it just from the look and the sound of it, it’s huge massive waves and tasty smell. What appeared to be scary yesterday today was very attractive.

Later in the day we realized that on the map it says Cantabrian Sea to this part of ocean but to us it will always stay Atlantic ocean and our first meet with it. We saw lots of people on the beach swimming so we assumed it was very warm and we thought we may do it as well one day. Also we realized that the names of the villages and some institutions were double and in the unknown Basque language, so we learnt that the French territory also makes part of the Basque country. It is our first time in here so we were excited to learn more about it.

So we started the hike from the village of Bidart on the coast, walked through the village Guethary and found our camping site Merko further down the coast. So it sums up to just 6 km we made that day but for us it was just enough considering our physical state.

The camping was really nice 3 star camping with everything that you need with a good facilities and the little supermarket nearby. The whole area was a compilation of 5 campings, several beaches, couple of bars and restaurants and some shops.

The rest of the day we spent just resting, taking a nap and eating tasty fruit that we bought at the local shop(the peaches were excellent!). We met a breathtaking and sensational sunset at the ocean coast and this first sunset we will never forget. We felt so grateful that we got to experience this beauty and for the great warm cloudless weather that we had (we knew that it’s not going to be forever).

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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