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Final day and our impressions on Camino de Santiago in Catalonia, Spain – Day 4

On our fourth and final day of Cami de Sant Jaume in Catalonia we were quite tired already after previous extremely hot days but we had a quiet night in the camping Gran Sol in Seu d’Urgell and were ready to do the final stretch of this hike today.

After having bought so many food yesterday(cause we were very hungry) we had to carry with us more extra weight and we were really worried whether we would be able to complete this 20+ kms stretch or not. But we hoped that the weather and the trail would work in our favor.

We needed to get to the town Organya where according to the map this part of Camino was finishing.

So we started walking and passed by the village Arfa, went along the car road and got to the town El Pla de Sant Tirs where we lost out track again and had a hard time finding the mark.

It seemed like we were getting lost in every village or town as the marking just dissapears there. Finally we found the sign after walking blindly on the dirt road for some time but then on a crossroad there was no mark again. So we had to look it up in GPS and using our downloaded map from Wikiloc we were able to find the right direction.

Every day the trail would start quite easy, going flat and then gradually becoming harder and harder and that day wasn’t an exception.

The ground under our feet started to turn red rusty colours and we started to climb up the mountain hoping that it will lead us to the right way. We were wandering around this mountain for quite a while cause there were so many crossroads and no signs whatsoever.

But in the end we got out on the car road and saw a big blue sign of Camino with the map. And there we were very surprised to see that the marked trail till Organya was turning into dotted line at one point and it was saying that the trail is in the process of conditioning. From this information we could understand that probably the last 5 kms till Organya we had to walk on the highways with non-adapted trail for the hikers. It was a very sad fact but we had to continue on and see it with our own eyes.

Next part of the trail was very easy and flat passing along the fields and the river Segre. There was a pond on the way which was impossible to get over without wetting our boots.

Then the mountain cliffs were coming closer to each other and the trail became more steep and soon we started to go at the edge of the cliff. It was the most picturesque part of this day and probably of the entire trip.

The path was twisting along the edge giving us wonderful views of the mountains relief and down at the rapid waters of the river Segre. We met the group of the rock climbers there doing their training and it was scary and beautiful at the same time.

After this short 2 to 3 kms stretch we were out on the car road and it was sure now that in order to get into town we had to walk this 5 kms on it. It was very strange and unfair that the way was ending there in the middle of nowhere and you had no other choice but to continue on walking on this non-adapted dangerous highway.

We were scared to hell to walk on it using our mobile flashlight so that the cars that were coming in front could see us and hopefully drop down the speed. And it was absolutely impossible to hitchhike there cause the cars were moving way too fast and there was a little to no space to stay at the side of the road. So it is super dangerous and not recommended to do under any conditions.

At the end of this stretch we were completely exhausted physically and mentally and just couldn’t make up our minds of why they decided to end the trail there and there was no information about it before. As we had our plan to get to Organya and it was completely unexpected.

So from our last powers we did our shopping in the supermarket and went to bed right away when we got to the camping.

The next day we had our bus back home in the evening but we decided to take advantage of the daytime left and explore the surrounding area. It was too hot to hike many kms so we decided to go see a waterfall that was the closest to the town and it turned out to be a very beautiful place.

So overall our impressions of the whole hike were kind of mixed. On one hand we enjoyed the different landscapes throughout the hike, beautiful forest areas, mountains in the background and especially the last part walking along the cliff. But on the other hand we were quite dissapointed sometimes to see no marking of the way on the crossroads and in the villages. So without GPS and having a proper map we wouldn’t recommend doing this hike. Another disappointment was that often we had to walk on the big car roads and there was no other alternative to opt for. The month of July when we chose to do this hike is very hot in these places and if we were to do it again we would definitely go in spring or autumn(May or October). Another difficulty we experienced was not having enough places to buy food, so we had to carry lots of reserve food with us for 2 days and it made our hike more challenging. And as we chose to stay in the campings often we had to do some extra kms in order to get there instead of staying on the way but if you choose to stay in the guest houses then it wouldn’t be a problem for you. Nevertheless we are glad that we did this hike that was on our hiking list for a long time and got to know the different region of Spain.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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