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The most efficient day – hiking through the beautiful beaches | Camino del Norte from Noja to Loredo in Cantabria, Spain – Day 12

Camping “Playa Joyel”

We woke up in the city of Noja in the very nice camping Playa Joyel that we were very happy about. It was the second camping in the row that we liked a lot. It had a good price range, nice facilities and direct access to the beach. It was the first camping where there was the hairdresser saloon and a cashpoint, not to mention the supermarket and camping related stuff shop. But the best part was the beach Playa de Candado of course in a very scenic location where we met the sunrise and enjoyed the view just for a bit. It had a little bit less space but for the rest was an excellent spot.

So as we promised yesterday we had a big plan for today to do 20 + kms and to follow the Camino because we wanted to compensate a bit the last day when we did less than normal.

All the first part of the day we were walking on the asphalt and car roads so we were able to do more kms that way without getting too exhausted having said that it was way less interesting and exciting with practically the same landscape of the green hills and villages and spreaded farm houses. So we did it very quick but it wasn’t very exciting.

So that way we got to Galizano at the coast at 14 pm and that was already very close to our final destination so it was our personal record coming the earliest to the place when doing so many kms a day.

And this last several kms were the best of the day. We spent probably two hours at the beach just watching the tidal wave coming and people surfing – finally we got time to see that! The views were absolutely incredible there with the green fields and the rocky steep cliffs. We couldn’t receive the better reward than this at the end of this kind of boring day.

So we got to Loredo later in the evening cause we spent lots of time at the beach, bought some groceries and headed to the camping. The supermarket called Coviran was really weird, it had very little with poor assortment and the customer service was really bad when you can’t take and choose veggies and fruits and they do it for you.

But our biggest dissapointment was the camping “Derby Loredo”. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was a lot of trash on the ground where we needed to camp in and when we went to the toilets it was even more disgusting it seemed like there was no cleaning for several days. So we had to sweep the ground with the broom that we found and only then we could set up the tent and put our things on the ground. So for the future we decided to check the reviews of the place if we could before going there. And we will leave the appropriate review on that camping because this is intolerant.

Because of that we went to sleep quite late. We had a lot of thoughts about the following day because we had to cross to Santander and we were willing to skip it and just didn’t know how to do it yet.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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