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Great Mediterranean Coast Hike in Costa Brava, Spain | Day 5 – Colera, Llançà, Selva de Mar

We started our day feeling very refreshed and energized after having a nice rest at the camping Sant Miquel in Colera, Spain.

We had a plan to make 15 kms to the town Selva de Mar further down the coast and hoped that the relief and the weather will work in our favor.

When we were leaving Colera for the first time during this hike we felt the piece of our heart was left in this place. It seemed so cosy and home-like to us and we were definetely considering going back here to stay for several days when we finish the hike.

The camping itself was very new and had excellent facilities in terms of their state and cleanliness. And overall it had an upscale feeling about it having so much space and high pine trees definitely made the difference.

So we said goodbye to this beautiful place and started to climb up the first hill for the day. As always we were determined to go as close to the coastline as possible and go over every cliff.

And so after the first hill we came down to the beach Playa de Garbet. There it was so tempting to get in the water that we almost decided to jump into it but then we realized that the shower on that beach didn’t work. And hiking all day long with salty shoulders didn’t seem a good idea so we had to surrender to this fact and continue hiking.

During the next several km we met plenty of stunning little beaches scattered along the cliffs that looked like a great place to chill out. But we were happy just enjoying the beautiful views and breathing the fresh salty air.

The sun however was really getting at us burning our skin and striking our heads. So we were hiding and searching for the shadow all the time. And it was only the end of May! Can imagine what kind of weather staying here in the middle of the summer, probably only the strong can endure it then.

When we went over the second hill we came across the similar trail that we had the last day the one that was going extremely close to the sea line and where you have to hold on to rocks and jump over them.

Then we entered the town of Llanca where we had to do a little break in the shadow of the park. It was the best decision cause this way we could wait for the heat to calm down and continue hiking in the more comfortable conditions. The sky started to cover in clouds and it saved our day.

The last 7 kms we were walking on a really nice pavement route made out of rocks and it even reminded us the route that was taking the Ellie in the Magic Land from the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum. It was just a perfect idyllic route for taking a peaceful walk that was connecting the town of Llanca to Selva de Mar.

The water in the sea was still very calm and the air started to get more fresh in the evening. On the way we met a beautiful lighthouse Far de s´Aranella as well as lots of great views over Cap de Creus that was the final destination of our hike. So in a very peaceful mood but a bit tired from the heat we got to the outskirts of La Selva de Mar…

Sunset in La Selva de Mar

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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