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Great Mediterranean Coast Hike in Costa Brava, Spain | Day 6 – Port de la Selva-Cadaques

We had a beautiful start of the day having our breakfast at the scenic beach and watching the sun coming up right next to our camping Port de la Vall.

We got there yesterday quite late and it turned out that the closest supermarket is in 2.5 kms from the camping. And so after that hot exhaustive day we had to walk more in order to have a proper dinner. So unfortunately we hadn’t much time to enjoy the area in the evening and went to sleep right away.

But the morning was beautiful and we tried to get on the trail as early as possible to escape the middle day heat and at least being half way at our destination when this moment comes.

We walked through the beautiful white town Port de la Selva, saw the info board with the map of our trail and started our way uphill.

We planned to follow the GR 92 route as it seemed to be the perfect trail in terms of distance and it was leading us right to our destination Cadaques.

When we were out of the town and turned to the mountain path we entered right away in the Natural Park Cap de Creus with its rich flora and fauna. It claims to have deers, wild boars, lots of bird varieties and reptiles. And we were very excited to cross it today.

The route continued to go up as we walked through the area with lots of built old rock walls on the hills that were probably serving for agricultural purposes in the past and looked like crazy amount or work.

Then all of a sudden out from a bush we saw a huge lizard running towards the rocks. It was the longest lizard we’ve seen in our lives and probably was a variety of a monitor lizard. We got scared at first confusing it for a snake but then we were lucky to see another one and even got to film it.

At one point the route became quite flat with very little ups and downs and so it was very easy to walk. If it wasn’t the heat that was burning us from above and having a little to no shadow throughout the way was very hard. So this trail is better to do as early as possible in the day.

We got a bit lost once confusing the routes as there are so many crossovers on the way, but then we realized that it’s not a big deal as it was leading to Cadaques anyway. But you might want to have the navigation around in order to choose the shortest route and avoid going over extra mountains.

Overall the trail was very picturesque and in spring when everything is blooming it’s especially beautiful. We got to experience the feeling of going through enormous mountain summit and being able to enjoy the mountains views and the views of the seaside on the other side. The place is very unique in its kind. So in the uplifted mood still having much energy left we were stepping into Cadaques…

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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