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Hike from scenic Vall de Nuria Valley To Ribes de Freser village in Spain – Day 2

In this part 2 of Eyne Valley to Vall de Nuria Hike we came down from Coma de Eyne to the Vall de Nuria Valley and then on the second day the hike from Vall de Nuria to Ribes de Freser village in Spain. It is a beautiful scenic trail that is suitable for anybody. If you love being around scenic landscapes, meeting wildlife and enjoying the serene atmosphere – this is the hike for you!

While we were getting down to the Vall de Nuria Valley following along the GR trail we could truly enjoy the breathtaking landscapes around us. From all the sides we were surrounded by the beautiful green mountain summits and we had the feeling of walking along the edge of it, that lovely sense of freedom that you get in the mountains. It was an epic downhill indeed.

But because of the constant way down our knees started to hurt cause it really was a lot of pressure on them. By using trekking poles we probably could avoid that from happening, we just didn’t choose the right ones for us still.

On the way we met one of the most cutest creatures – some curious marmots playing and running around. It was our first time at Nuria in summer, we’ve been here before in winter, and we were amazed by how drastically can change landscapes from season to season.

We arrived at Nuria and found that there is an official camping site with plenty of people in there. We were a bit dissapointed by this fact but we had no other option than to find a nice place there. Because it was really challenging to find a flat spot in other place.

So we had less and less hope to have a good sleep that night. Later in the evening we were shocked to see a disco going on right at the corner of our camping spot. We weren’t sure whether it was a seasonal thing or it was because of weekend but it looked very strange and inappropriate to us making from such a beautiful peaceful place a disco party. So it was very loud and noisy up until 23pm but we still managed to get some good sleep.

The next day we woke up to the idyllic quiet morning. Still in the dusk before the sunrise we saw some isards pasturing at the hillside opposite to us. And initially Vall de Nuria was the place where we saw them for the first time in winter, so we assume that this is a great habitat to live for them.

So we had our breakfast at one of the picnic tables around the lake and we were good to start the trail.

That day for most of the time we were hiking along the railway of Cremallera de Nuria – the rack and pinion train that connects Vall de Nuria to Ribes de Freser village situated down the valley.

And we thought that most of the people were coming from it because there is no car roads leading to this place and it is the only mean of transportation there. But we wanted to prove that it is absolutely doable to get to Vall de Nuria hiking without using the train.

The trail had lots of stunning landscapes along the way with plenty of beautiful waterfalls, steep cliffs around and narrow paths. It was a constant way down that was absolutely killing for our knees and we really regretted that we didn’t have any trekking poles on hand.

Also we met plenty of people on the trail but that was probably because of Sunday – it is always the busiest day. And overall if you want to have a peaceful hike always go in the middle of the week whenever you can, otherwise it will be crowded. And the season plays a big part too, middle of July- August is the hottest season when most of the people are on vacation.

We were quite tired in the end because of the hot weather but we were very satisfied with ourselves. As we finally did this hike from Eyne to Vall de Nuria and then Ribes de Freser that we’ve been postponing for so long and being able to do this hike in 2 days instead of 3. We got to Ribes de Freser just in time to catch our train back home.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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