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Eyne valley hike in Pyrenees, France | Animal and flower paradise

It was Day 1 of our Eyne Valley to Vall de Nuria hike where we cross from France to Spain through the Pyrenees mountains. Eyne valley is known for its exceptional variety of flora and fauna in every time of the year and we were very excited to discover what it keeps for us in the spring time.

At the start of the day we had to hitchhike to get to the village of Eyne and we were lucky that a lovely couple picked us up and brought us right at the place.

Eyne was a nice little mountain village with lots of water sources and skiing resort higher in the mountains.

The morning was very fresh and cool and the lighting was absolutely beautiful with the first rays of sun beaming through the forest.

Everything was just waking up and there were lots of crystal clear water drops hanging from the leaves and grass. We met many spider webs on the way that looked very magical and shiny as well. When we got into the forest there was a misty atmosphere with all the water evaporating from the surface.

We planned to hike through the Eyne Valley, cross the mountains and get to Vall de Nuria in the evening. We weren’t sure that we could do it in one day and it wasn’t the goal.

First we went through the beautiful pine forest and then came out to the open green meadows where there were peacefully pasturing cows and horses. The landscape was so serene that it was hard to believe our own eyes. It was an idyllic and peaceful picture of horses pasturing free without any gates, bright green colors around and water flowing down the rocks.

We met lots and lots of unique colorful flowers blossoming on the ground and bushes as well as lots of insects hanging around. We even encountered with a little frog that was kind enough to pose for us and to perform several epic jumps.

While we were moving up the valley we were fortunate to meet some marmots as well which were behaving quite carelessly and we assumed that they might have been babies born this year.

So we absolutely can recommend this hike for everybody who loves natural untouched secluded places with rich variety of flora and fauna and lots of potential for great photos. This is a wonderful place to unwind and to be at peace.

The path itself was relatively easy all the way through with no steep uphills and only when we got at the foot of the mountain range the path was starting to become harder but nothing extreme either.

It was a very happy moment when we climbed to the top and saw Vall de Nuria on the Spanish side. The views were incredible from all the sides. We even had the clouds coming over us and creating a foggy atmosphere just in one moment. So we had our lunch break there at the top and were ready to go downhill to Vall de Nuria…

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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