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Scenic natural trail Ruta del Cantabrico in Galicia | Camino del Norte from Foz to Valdoviño – Day 30

On the Day 30 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the town Foz to Valdoviño in Galicia.

It was a beautiful sunny morning when we woke up in the camping San Rafael. We came there very late yesterday night and could have a look at where we are only today. The camping was nice, quite small and great located close to the beach. There were no people but us and another couple so it was very quiet and clean.

As we walked out of it we were right at the beach that was curative. Locals say that the people who have respiratory problems actually recover there. So it was a useful information to know.

Also right there we saw the indicator of Ruta Camino Natural del Cantabrico that we discovered yesterday. And so the plan was to follow this trail 3 or 4 stops further along the coast to the train station Cangaz de Foz and then take quite a long journey to Valdoviño. This is where was the camping site that was still open in October. Unfortunately it was very far from us and there was nothing in between. Because we had just several days we had to move depending on where were the campings open in the autumn season.

So we walked the Ruta natural for about 10 kms, saw several beaches, two rivers flowing into ocean and overall enjoyed it a lot. We had time to capture some flora and fauna – birds in particular and it didn’t happen in a long time. This is more our style of shooting and we learnt lately that its crucial for us to have this time in order to enjoy the hike much better. It’s not about the distance but quality for us.

The ocean was so still and peaceful like probably never before and the weather was very warm. And in such quiet way we got to our train station. The train came in time and so we had to travel for 2 and a half hours. The distance wasn’t that big but it was moving slow that’s why it took so long.

And at that time sitting in the train we did realize that we don’t want to explore the area by taking any kind of transport and we want to come back to continue hiking along the coast for as long as we can. Especially when it’s more than adapted to do so – there are lots of local great trails to follow. Because it absolutely makes no sense to us doing it this way it even feels weird after been walking for so long. We’re always thinking about all that places that we missed out in between. And in this case it was a necessity but from our personal will we wouldn’t do it.

And so immersed in the deep thinking we got to our train station Sedes from where we had to walk 9.5 kms more to Valdoviño. There just wasn’t any stop closer. But we had 2 and a half hours of daylight still so we weren’t worried about it. We just didn’t know that this 9 km walk will be going through the private houses on the road with the huge barking dogs that were running out of the open gates. That was probably the most stressful walk that we had so far.

So very hungry and tired we got to the camping Valdoviño very late in the evening. We checked in, cooked and ate our dinner first things first and even without having a shower went to sleep.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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