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Amazing Hiking in Andorra |Border crossing from Porta, France to Pas de la Casa, Andorra

In this post we want to share with you our one day hike from Porta, France to the village Pas de la Casa in Andorra.

We really been wanting to explore Andorra for a while and finally it was the time to do it.

We started on the beautiful sunny August day in Porta and started to walk uphill following the river Campcardos. Right form the start the trail was going alongside the GR route for some time and the marking has been great.

Throughout the day the trail had no too steep uphills but rather constant gentle uphill and just towards the end there was quite a steep rocky downhill.

The area we’ve been walking through was an incredible beauty: lots of huge massive rocks, great rocky cliffs, peaceful river banks with horse and cow pastures. We did enjoy a lot hiking in this idyllic picturesque valley with incredible views all the way. We met lots of reptiles, insects and birds and saw some marmots in the distance as well.

The weather was quite favorable – sunny but with a cool wind and at the end we even felt chilly as the fog was coming down from the mountain summits.

We passed through several mountain lakes and were about to cross the border from France to Andorra right at the mountain ridge.

Walking downhill to the village Pas de la Casa was a little more demanding than uphill but the views of the glorious mountain peaks painted in gold and then pinky sunset colors were compensating all the efforts. We were astonished by the massiveness of the falling rocks on the trail and the different colors of the cliffs around us.

We didn’t plan to get all the way down to the village so being couple kms from it we started to look for the camping spot. And it was quite a challenge in such a rocky and mountanious area.

So we found a little building with some flat concrete surface at the side of it and decided that we won’t find anything better that this. And unfortunately there wasn’t any campgrounds close. But we did our best to set up a tent using rocks in order to keep it in place and it did work out great. This experience will be definitely useful for our future hikes.

The fog was slowly coming down over our heads so we got in our tent to stay warm, had our dinner and peacefully went to sleep.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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