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Great Mediterranean Coast Hike in Costa Brava, Spain | Day 7 – Cadaques – Cap de Creus Lighthouse

It was the last and final day of our hike and the plan was to get to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse and explore the area around it.

Yesterday we had a beautiful bright day getting to Cadaques town but when we got there we realized that it is different from other coastal towns that we’ve been before. Right from the start the amount of traffic and people in the town made us feel a bit strange about it. As normally all the places we passed by were little quiet villages and here it was noisy and too populated, it was just very unusual.

Then after spending the night in the camping “Cadaques” we realized that our feelings weren´t accidental. All night long people were leaving the camping dressed up for the parties and coming back being tipsy and noisy. So it was just a regular pace for the town.

For that reason we slept quite badly that night and all that we wanted is to leave the town first thing in the morning. And so we did getting on the 6 km trail leading to the Lighthouse.

The day was overcast and we were OK with it knowing how hot it could get hiking in the sun. But we were still hoping for some epic views and great photos.

First part of the trail was going on the car road then turning to the dirt road and then finally to a mountain path. The road part wasn’t too long though.

On the way there were lots of uphills and downhills and the path itself was very rocky and unstable in some points. But knowing that you´re already walking on peninsula and from all the sides you´re surrounded by water made this trail really special.

Soon enough we started to see the lighthouse up on the mountain top and it looked quite impressive from far. When we got closer to it though it didn’t impress us as much but the place around it was absolutely breathtaking. All those incredible rock cliffs, turquoise water lagoons, seagulls resting and behaving like home and yachts drifting slowly in the sea made this place one in a kind Eco system.

There is so much variety of relief and rock formations that you can literally spend the whole week there just grasping all that beauty and photographing every corner with the guarantee that every shot is going to be different. So it is definitely a must visit for any passionate photographer. And we were so disappointed that we had so little time to spend and explore this place. So we´ll have to come back there at some point in the future.

And there we had a very bittersweet moment realizing that even though it was our planned final destination of the entire hike we definitely could continue on and on with hiking and we didn’t want to stop.

It felt very rewarding being hiked all that distance and getting there on foot as it was our first experience hiking for so many days in the row.

We were happy we did this hike in spring when the weather is warm but not too hot and the nature world is waking up and shows all the beauty that it got.

We also learnt a lot about our hiking gear that we surprisingly didn’t notice during our shorter hikes. Now it was clear to us what we shouldn’t bring with us anymore and what we should change.

It was only the start for us and now we felt the power to challenge ourselves even more and plan even longer hikes. It gets so addictive when you get in this routine.

This hike was a reminder that the way itself is so much more important than the destination and you better enjoy your way cause when you get to the destination the moment of joy is very short and then you just want to keep going and the adventure to never end. It is to be continued…

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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