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Camino is Addictive! | Camino del Norte from Comillas to Sant Vicente de la Barquera – Day 15

On the Day 15 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the town Comillas to San Vicente de la Barquera.

From the start of the day it was cloudy and gloomy with lots of humidity in the air. Everything around was wet. That was the first night when we had to wear the hats so we felt that the nights are getting colder.

And we hadn’t big plans for the day – we aimed to walk just 11 kms till the outskirts of Sant Vicente de la Barquera. Because the next camping was in 27 km and we reasonably thought that it would be impossible to do in 1 day so we decided to split it in two days.

So it was a very chill out day. We really enjoyed walking in a slow pace and our legs were grateful for that too. Also we could actually see the places we were walking by and had time to stop and enjoy the view. It felt very important to us to have these kind of relaxed days to make memories and to feel better so we decided to do them regularly from now on.

We took the coastal route at first and tried to follow it. There was no Camino indicators on it and we don’t know where the Camino was going but in our opinion this route is a great alternative. It is easy and quiet with the great views and it is going almost parallel to the official one. To our surprise we met no pilgrims and just when we crossed the Camino we started to see them. And it was very common observation of ours whenever we took an alternative route there was no pilgrims so we made a conclusion that nobody wants to use the GPS and explore different routes even when it is so easy and obvious. And in most of the cases they are better because they go closer to the coast and on more quiet routes.

Surprisingly we weren’t feeling too sleepy, probably the clouds were higher and it didn’t affect us as much. The day wasn’t great for filming but we still got some decent shots especially when we got to walk at the beach. It was the best part of the day when we really got to enjoy the feeling of stepping on the wet solid sand that feels like the ground and walk for several kms. That was a new experience for us and we liked it a lot. We feel like we could walk forever like this. We’ve only been at the sea before and there it is nearly impossible because the tidal waves are not so obvious. In such way we walked through two long beaches Playa de Oyambre and Playa de Meron. On the last one we had a little nap listening to the waves crushing at the coast.

Bird eye views of the Playa de Gerra and the green cliffs in Sant Vicente de la Barquera

Then we didn’t noticed how we got to the camping El Rosal which was full of surfers with their tents and vans so there were quite a lot of people. And very close to it there was a supermarket and we assumed that it should be open as there were so many surfers and that worked to our advantage. That wasn’t the first supermarket where they had a very weird system when you can’t choose the fruits and vegetables that you like and you have ask the assistant to do it for you. It was really annoying cause you can’t touch the veggies neither choose the best ones for you like you normally do in any modern supermarket. Not sure why in this region they left it like that. The camping was very reasonably priced and we payed probably the cheapest price for it. We were just a bit worried about the neighbours disturbing our sleep but for the rest it was ok. So we had our rice with salad for dinner and went to sleep.

Night at the camping El Rosal in
San Vicente de la Barquera. Can you spot our tent?

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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