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Discovering hidden scenic beaches in Asturias | Camino del Norte from Luarca to Playa de Otur – Day 26

On the Day 26 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the town of Luarca to Playa de Otur in Asturias.

We ended up liking the camping Los Cantiles quite a lot when in the morning we had time to explore it. It was very spacious green space with lots of different spots to camp and the proximity of the ocean and incredible views from it – make it a special place. There were lots of robins flying and singing around and it created a peaceful garden atmosphere. It turned out to be probably thr best viewpoint of the lighthouse of Luarca and its church on the cliff. It was a pity that this lighthouse wasnt turning around like the others – it would have been even more dramatic at night. If it wasnt for the service it would be one of our favourites.

So we walked out of the camping and headed straight to the lighthouse to get a closer view of it. The lighthouse itself was nothing special but the white chapel at the side of it was standing out. There was nobody there so we couldn’t put a stamp as usual.

We could get a closer and more clear look at the town in the daylight. It was located in the couloir between hills on different levels. There was a very secured port inside with some artificial and natural obstacles where the water was always still. So we got that it was an actual fishing village because of the amount of boats parked in the port. The town was very adapted to pilgrims with lots of signs where you can stop or buy something. There in pharmacy we were able to find a small toothpaste that we ran out of. So Luarca was much more appealing at the daylight than in the evening for sure.

Then we went up to the Ermita on the other side of the town and continued walking along the coast. Unfortunately there wasn’t any paths going close to coastline just village roads that we had to take. That day we didn’t cross with the Camino at all because we were going to the next camping in 10 kms from the last one. We had to do this kind of short day because strangely enough all the nearest next camping was in 30 kms so we decided to do so for not having to be stealth camping two nights in the row.

So most of the day we were walking through the villages and farmhouses. But then we came down to one beach Playa de Tauran – a cute little rocky beach with a natural cliff bay where we met several couples taking a bath there. It was quite extreme cause the water temperature wasn’t that comfortable at 18 degrees Celsius.

Then we got to the camping Playa de Otur, quickly checked in and rushed to the beach with the proper name of the camping. And we didn’t expect to see such a spacious wide sandy beach as it was. It was the time of the tidal wave and golden hour for a photography so we had a great time taking pictures there. The waves showed its power by crushing into lots of rocks surrounding the beach. The sound of it was tremendous. It was absolutely perfect idyllic place and we are happy that we discovered it and got to visit it. There also came true my dream of sitting on the lifeguard chair – it was unbelievable experience. The cinematic 3D effect of the waves coming at you is unspeakable. There were several camper vans parked on the lawn in front of the beach and we didn’t get whether it was allowed to park and spent the night there or not but there were toilets and trash bins so maybe it is possible to do. We stayed there until dark. And so filled with lots of positive feelings and emotions about the day we came back to the camping.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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