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Spectacular Atlantic Oceanside and the Most Secluded Campground | Camino del Norte from Pechón to Pendueles – Day 17

On the Day 17 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the village Pechón to the Campsite “La Paz” in Pendueles.

We slept very well with the sound of the ocean wash. We left the camping at a very late hour – 12 a.m. We were filming my favourite hairstyles for hiking(the bathrooms were very spacious and the light was perfect for that) and also because we slept in a bit. The lady on a reception gave us a 10 percent discount and put us a camping stamp which was very nice, now this special place will stay in our credential as well.

Morning in the camping Playa de Las Arenas

The start of the day was cloudy and the sky was completely covered in clouds that wasn’t bad for us after our last day burning in the sun. All the first part of the day was similar to others crossing the villages and the highways.

We’ve been wondering whether the Camino was the same 100 or 200 years back in time and how much it has changed because of the industrialization and building of car roads and highways. We would love to go back in time even for a one day and see what it was like.

And we realized that out of animal world all we met were farm animals like horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows and not much of a wildlife. Most of the wildlife we saw were the seabirds: hernets, seagulls and some eagles and hawks. But we started to miss quite a bit the deers and marmots that we used to see in the mountains where we live. But this all wasn’t a surprise because the Camino in the area goes through heavily populated areas so most probably that was the case.

The last bit of our day was spectacular when finally the Camino turned to the oceanside and we got to enjoy it throughly. We realized that now we are in the other province of Asturias, the indicators were a bit different and we felt like they got more confusing and less accurate sometimes.

The most scenic part started from la Franca to the village Pendueles. We remember the powerful foamy flows of water crashing into the rocks sticking out of water. We were hiking at the very edge of a cliff and crossing over the cave through the natural rocky bridge with a massive water flows underneath us. The cliffs itself were so unique and self sufficient that we could just stare at them for hours.

Unusual rocky shore and rock formations at the beach Playa Cobireju in Buelna, Asturias

And so we didn’t notice how we got to the camping with a loud name La Paz. After our last camping we didn’t expect anything special from this one but we were so wrong. It was situated right at the ocean on the side of a cliff. It would be impossible to camp here if they didn’t adapt the ground by making it flat for the tents. The scenery was unbelievable – on the one side there were rocky cliffs and the beach and on the other perfectly adapted places for the tents on different levels that it almost looked like steps. And there were so many different places to choose from but you have to be ready to hike up and down quite a bit. So the camping was very big but the best thing about it was the quiet and secluded location -that’s what makes it so special. So now we know that it can definetely compete with the last camping Las Arenas. And so we met two exceptional campings in the row. It was the happy ending of this very exciting day.

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