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Hiking through Wonderful Bufones de Arenillas and beautiful beaches in Asturias, Spain | Camino del Norte in Pendueles, Llanes, Celorio – Day 18

On the Day 18 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the campsite “La Paz” in Pendueles to the campground “Playa de Troenzo” in Celorio.

We woke up pretty late to a cloudy morning in a beautiful location at camping La Paz. We were more than happy with it because of its incredible location between the two beaches and unusual concept. It was extremely hard to wake up to the gloomy weather that was staying lately and you know when you like the place you kind of don’t hurry to leave.

Our spot in the camping La Paz

We tried to pack everything up as quickly as possible and get on the trail. The camping is situated very convenient right where the Camino goes which is normally a rare case. So if you carry a tent we highly recommend you to stay there, you won’t regret it.

We started getting through the fields and went out to the beautiful viewpoint that produced the strange sounds. We took some pictures of the rocks and cliffs and got closer to the place where a thunder like sounds were heard. It turned out to be an air pipe that was formed by the holes in the rocks where the pressure from the water underneath created these air passages. And on the information board we learnt that when there is a storm there is an actual water pumps up instead of air so it seems like geizer probably. And that the ground with the holes will be ruined one day with all that pressure during many years already.

Then we hiked through the eucalyptus forest where the smell reminded us the nose sprays and different medicine that we use to cure the cold and flu. That was very cool to know that they can grow here. We enjoyed so much walking through these forest paths and passing the river banks, it felt so great to finally be in nature and not have to cross the highways, road bridges or cities.

For us it was a perfect idyllic day. During that day we passed through at least 6 to 7 beaches which were all very different and pretty in their own way. The Camino continued to follow the coastline for the whole day and we were very happy about it. The viewpoint La Boriza was excellent offering the helicopter views on the nearest two beaches and cliffs with the rocky islands. It was the best moment of the day. So take a moment to turn away 200m from the Camino to visit this viewpoint – the views are so worth it.

And so we got to the town Llanes where we checked the camping Entre Playas and didn’t like it at all. It was very small and too close to the road and the city. We even forgot to film it – so weird it was. So we passed by it and decided to look for a stealth camping spot if possible. We went to the supermarket and got on the Camino again.

Soon we realized that there wouldn’t be much choice for a stealth camping because the area is heavily populated and used for farm purposes. But the weather was perfect and the route itself was quite flat and easy and so besides being loaded with groceries we decided to keep going 6 kms more to the next camping spot. We got there in 40 min and we were at place at 18 pm. In a record time. That was the proof of how much it depends on the route itself the distance you can walk.

We were glad to know that the camping Playa de Troenzo was much nicer than the last one in Llanes. The location was near the beach and we had a wide variety of the pitches to choose from. They were all green and there were lots of trees. The facilities were clean. Also there was a nice picnic spot at the top of the hill with the panoramic view. And the price was fair for the backpacker. So with no hesitation we stayed there for that night.

Here is the link to Google map to follow the hike:

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